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Producer and Distributor of all-purpose electric and electronic enclosures | BOXCO Inc.

Technical Development
Customer satisfaction

On the basis of our development experience and technology,
BOXCO will be stand as top leader.


See BOXCO’s effort
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BOXCO offers a full range of customization service based on customer’s requirement by a long experience.
You can get supply an excellent quality, various sizes and materials of enclosures with dust-proof,
water-proof and explosion-proof function.

Custom Products
We can make any size and shape of
enclosures to meet your requirement. 
Coloring Service
We produce high quality enclosure
with a variety of color.
Custom Holes & Cutout Service
BOXCO Inc. meet on customer’s variety of
request by a sophisticated hole processing
technology on the basis of accumulated
experience. (can be applied to the side of box)
Printing Service
A vivid silk- screen printing and letter sculpturing
service make your product outstanding.
  • Customize | Customize
    Custom Products
  • Custom Holes & Cutout Service
    Custom Holes & Cutout Service
  • Printing Service
    Printing Service
  • Coloring Service
    Coloring Service