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Dual Door

  • Plastic enclosure-Dual Door
  • 1. It is swing out panel type and panel is easy to open or close as it will be assembled with handle and hinge type.
    2. This swing out panel is for our Nema 4X enclosure and very strong as it is fixed with 4 supports and has good external appearance.
Level of dustproof and waterproof IP 66/67
Impact test IK 07/08
Temperature range ABS : - 40 ~ + 70 │ PC : - 40 ~ + 110
Flammability Rating ABS : 94-HB │PC : 94-V-0, 94-HB
Rated insulation voltage
Rated impulse voltage
Rated current capacity
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Swing Frame applicable model Model file
Size Model Dual door
(Frame, support, hinge, handle included)
Dual door mounting plate
W X L X H (mm)
200x300x130 BC-ㅁㅁP-203013 BC-F203013 BC-FA2030
200x300x150 BC-ㅁㅁP-203015 BC-F203015 BC-FA2030
200x300x180 BC-ㅁㅁP-203018 BC-F203018 BC-FA2030
250x350x150 BC-ㅁㅁP-253515 BC-F253515 BC-FA2535
250x350x180 BC-ㅁㅁP-253518 BC-F253518 BC-FA2535
280x280x130 BC-ㅁㅁP-282813 BC-F282813 BC-FA2828
280x380x130 BC-ㅁㅁP-283813 BC-F283813 BC-FA2838
300x300x150 BC-ㅁㅁP-303015 BC-F303015 BC-FA3030
300x300x180 BC-ㅁㅁP-303018 BC-F303018 BC-FA3030
300x400x150 BC-ㅁㅁP-304015 BC-F304015 BC-FA3040
300x400x180 BC-ㅁㅁP-304018 BC-F304018 BC-FA3040
350x450x160 BC-ㅁㅁP-354516 BC-F354516 BC-FA3545
350x450x200 BC-ㅁㅁP-354520 BC-F354520 BC-FA3545
400x500x160 BC-ㅁㅁP-405016 BC-F405016 BC-FA4050
400x500x200 BC-ㅁㅁP-405020 BC-F405020 BC-FA4050
400x500x200 BC-ㅁㅁH-405020 BC-F405020 BC-FA4050
400x600x180 BC-ㅁㅁP-406018 BC-F406018 BC-FA4060
400x600x230 BC-ㅁㅁP-406023 BC-F406023 BC-FA4060
400x600x230 BC-ㅁㅁH-406023 BC-F406023 BC-FA4060
530x630x185 BC-ㅁㅁP-506018 BC-F506018 BC-FA5060
530x630x255 BC-ㅁㅁP-506025 BC-F506025 BC-FA5060
Plastic enclosure-Dual Door