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Terminal block box

  • Plastic enclosure-Terminal block box
  • 1. BOXCO's terminal block box is made of PBT with excellent heat resistance.
    2. 3P product.
    3. It is integrated type of cable glands and terminal block and easy to work.
Level of dustproof and waterproof
Impact test
Temperature range PBT : - 40 ~ + 100
Flammability Rating PBT +GF 15%, V-0
Rated insulation voltage
Rated impulse voltage
Rated current capacity
Drawing view >
Size(included cover) Model file
W x L x H x Hole
W x L x H
PBT Grey PBT Black
Opaque Clear Opaque Clear
33x65x24x9.2 1.29x2.55x0.94x0.36 BC-TGG-3PC BC-TTG-3PC BC-TBB-3PC BC-TTB-3PC
Plastic enclosure-Terminal block box