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Aluminum housing

  • Aluminum enclosure-Aluminum housing
  • 1. Built-in guide slot for inserting PCB
    2. Optional extension to length of the profile
    3. Aluminum SBGL is suitable for highly corrosive environment(Customizing).
    4. Optional EMC-version for Electromagnetic shielding(Customizing)
Level of dustproof and waterproof
Impact test
Temperature range
Flammability Rating
Rated insulation voltage
Rated impulse voltage
Rated current capacity
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Size(included cover) Model file
W X L X H(mm) W X L X H(inch)
111.5x166x91.5 4.39x6.53x3.6 BC-ALC-111609
173x206x113 6.81x8.11x4.44 BC-ALC-172011
Aluminum enclosure-Aluminum housing